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diagramcommands.h File Reference
#include "borderproperties.h"
#include "qetgraphicsitem/conductor.h"
#include "diagramcontent.h"
#include "qet.h"
#include "qetgraphicsitem/qetshapeitem.h"
#include "conductorprofile.h"
#include "diagram.h"
#include "undocommand/deleteqgraphicsitemcommand.h"
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class  AddItemCommand< QGI >
 The AddItemCommand class This command add an item in a diagram The item to add is template, but must be QGraphicsItem or derived. More...
class  PasteDiagramCommand
 The PasteDiagramCommand class This command pastes some content onto a particular diagram. More...
class  CutDiagramCommand
 The CutDiagramCommand class This command cuts content from a particular diagram. More...
class  MoveElementsCommand
 The MoveElementsCommand class This command moves some content on a particular diagram. More...
class  MoveConductorsTextsCommand
 The MoveConductorsTextsCommand class This command moves text items related to conductors on a particular diagram. More...
class  ChangeDiagramTextCommand
 The ChangeDiagramTextCommand class This commad modifies a text item. More...
class  ChangeConductorCommand
 The ChangeConductorCommand class This command changes a particular conductor. More...
class  ResetConductorCommand
 The ResetConductorCommand class This command resets conductor paths. More...
class  ChangeBorderCommand
 The ChangeBorderCommand class This command changes the border properties of a particular diagram. More...


QString itemText (const QetGraphicsItem *item)
QString itemText (const IndependentTextItem *item)
QString itemText (const Conductor *item)

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◆ itemText() [1/3]

QString itemText ( const Conductor item)

◆ itemText() [2/3]

QString itemText ( const IndependentTextItem item)

◆ itemText() [3/3]

QString itemText ( const QetGraphicsItem item)
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