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SlaveElement Class Reference

#include <slaveelement.h>

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Public Member Functions

 SlaveElement (const ElementsLocation &, QGraphicsItem *=nullptr, int *=nullptr)
 SlaveElement::SlaveElement Default constructor. More...
 ~SlaveElement () override
 SlaveElement::~SlaveElement default destructor. More...
void linkToElement (Element *elmt) override
 SlaveElement::linkToElement Link this slave to another element For this class element must be a master. More...
void unlinkAllElements () override
 SlaveElement::unlinkAllElements Unlink all of the element in the QList connected_elements. More...
void unlinkElement (Element *elmt) override
 SlaveElement::unlinkElement Unlink the given elmt in parametre. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Element
 Element (const ElementsLocation &location, QGraphicsItem *=nullptr, int *state=nullptr, Element::kind link_type=Element::Simple)
 Element::Element. More...
 ~Element () override
 Element::~Element. More...
int type () const override
QList< Terminal * > terminals () const
 Element::terminals. More...
QList< Conductor * > conductors () const
 Element::conductors. More...
QList< QPair< Terminal *, Terminal * > > AlignedFreeTerminals () const
 Element::AlignedFreeTerminals. More...
DiagramContext elementInformations () const
virtual void setElementInformations (DiagramContext dc)
 Element::setElementInformations Set new information for this element. If new information is different of current infotmation emit elementInfoChange. More...
DiagramContext kindInformations () const
autonum::sequentialNumbers sequenceStruct () const
autonum::sequentialNumbersrSequenceStruct ()
void setUpFormula (bool code_letter=true)
 Element::setUpFormula Set up the formula used to create the label of this element. More...
void setPrefix (QString)
 Element::setPrefix set Element Prefix. More...
QString getPrefix () const
 Element::getPrefix get Element Prefix. More...
void freezeLabel (bool freeze)
 Element::freezeLabel Freeze this element label. More...
bool isFreezeLabel () const
void freezeNewAddedElement ()
 Element::freezeNewAddedElement Freeze this label if needed. More...
QString actualLabel ()
 Element::actualLabel Always return the current label to be displayed. This function is usefull when label is based on formula, because label can change at any time. More...
QString name () const override
 Element::name. More...
ElementsLocation location () const
virtual void setHighlighted (bool)
void displayHelpLine (bool b=true)
 Element::displayHelpLine Display the help line of each terminal if b is true. More...
QSize size () const
QPixmap pixmap ()
 Element::pixmap. More...
QPoint setHotspot (QPoint)
QPoint hotspot () const
void editProperty () override
virtual bool fromXml (QDomElement &, QHash< int, Terminal * > &, bool=false)
 Element::fromXml Import the parameters of this element from a xml document. When call this function ensure this element is already in a scene, because the dynamic text item and element text item group (in the xml file) are created in this function and need a diagram for create their Xref, when this element is linked to another. If not the Xref can be not displayed, until the next call of update Xref of the group or text item. More...
virtual QDomElement toXml (QDomDocument &, QHash< Terminal *, int > &) const
 Element::toXml Allows to export the element in XML. More...
QUuid uuid () const
 Element::uuid. More...
int orientation () const
void addDynamicTextItem (DynamicElementTextItem *deti=nullptr)
 Element::addDynamiqueTextItem Add deti as a dynamic text item of this element, deti is reparented to this If deti is null, a new DynamicElementTextItem is created and added to this element. More...
void removeDynamicTextItem (DynamicElementTextItem *deti)
 Element::removeDynamicTextItem Remove deti, no matter if is a child of this element or a child of a group of this element. Set he parent item of deti to 0, deti is not deleted. More...
QList< DynamicElementTextItem * > dynamicTextItems () const
 Element::dynamicTextItems. More...
ElementTextItemGroupaddTextGroup (const QString &name)
 Element::addTextGroup Create and add an element text item group to this element. If this element already have a group with the same name, then name will renamed to name1 or name2 etc.... More...
void addTextGroup (ElementTextItemGroup *group)
 Element::addTextGroup. More...
void removeTextGroup (ElementTextItemGroup *group)
 Element::removeTextGroup Remove the text group group from this element, and set the parent of group to 0. group is not deleted. All texts owned by the group will be reparented to this element. More...
ElementTextItemGrouptextGroup (const QString &name) const
 Element::textGroup. More...
QList< ElementTextItemGroup * > textGroups () const
 Element::textGroups. More...
bool addTextToGroup (DynamicElementTextItem *text, ElementTextItemGroup *group)
 Element::addTextToGroup Add the text text to the group group; If group isn't owned by this element return false. The text must be a text of this element. More...
bool removeTextFromGroup (DynamicElementTextItem *text, ElementTextItemGroup *group)
 Element::removeTextFromGroup Remove the text text from the group group, en reparent text to this element. More...
bool isFree () const
virtual void initLink (QETProject *)
 Element::initLink Initialise the link between this element and other elements. This method can be call once because init the link according to uuid store in a private list, after link, the list is clear, so call another time do nothing. More...
QList< Element * > linkedElements ()
 Element::linkedElements. More...
virtual kind linkType () const
QString linkTypeToString () const
void newUuid ()
void paint (QPainter *, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *, QWidget *) override
 Element::paint. More...
QRectF boundingRect () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from QetGraphicsItem
 QetGraphicsItem (QGraphicsItem *parent=nullptr)
 QetGraphicsItem::QetGraphicsItem Default constructor. More...
 ~QetGraphicsItem () override=0
Diagramdiagram () const
virtual void setPos (const QPointF &p)
virtual void setPos (qreal x, qreal y)
virtual bool isMovable () const
virtual void setMovable (bool movable)
QET::GraphicsItemState state () const
 QetGraphicsItem::state. More...

Private Attributes

QGraphicsTextItem * m_xref_item

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Element
enum  kind {
  Simple = 1, NextReport = 2, PreviousReport = 4, AllReport = 6,
  Master = 8, Slave = 16, Terminale = 32
 The kind enum Used to know the kind of this element (master, slave, report ect...) More...
enum  { Type = UserType + 1000 }
- Signals inherited from Element
void linkedElementChanged ()
void elementInfoChange (DiagramContext old_info, DiagramContext new_info)
void textAdded (DynamicElementTextItem *deti)
void textRemoved (DynamicElementTextItem *deti)
void textsGroupAdded (ElementTextItemGroup *group)
void textsGroupAboutToBeRemoved (ElementTextItemGroup *group)
void textAddedToGroup (DynamicElementTextItem *text, ElementTextItemGroup *group)
void textRemovedFromGroup (DynamicElementTextItem *text, ElementTextItemGroup *group)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Element
static bool valideXml (QDomElement &)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Element
void drawAxes (QPainter *, const QStyleOptionGraphicsItem *)
void setSize (int, int)
 Element::setSize Define the size of the element. The size must be a multiple of 10. If not, the dimensions indicated will be arrrondies to higher tens. More...
void mouseMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
 Element::mouseMoveEvent. More...
void mouseReleaseEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
 Element::mouseReleaseEvent. More...
void hoverEnterEvent (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent *) override
void hoverLeaveEvent (QGraphicsSceneHoverEvent *) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from QetGraphicsItem
void mousePressEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
void mouseDoubleClickEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
void mouseMoveEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
void mouseReleaseEvent (QGraphicsSceneMouseEvent *event) override
 QetGraphicsItem::mouseReleaseEvent handle mouse release click. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Element
QHash< DynamicElementTextItem *, QPointF > m_converted_text_from_xml_description
QList< Element * > connected_elements
QList< QUuid > tmp_uuids_link
QUuid m_uuid
kind m_link_type = Element::Simple
DiagramContext m_element_informations
DiagramContext m_kind_informations
autonum::sequentialNumbers m_autoNum_seq
bool m_freeze_label = false
QString m_F_str
ElementsLocation m_location
NamesList m_names
QList< Terminal * > m_terminals
const QPicture m_picture
const QPicture m_low_zoom_picture
- Protected Attributes inherited from QetGraphicsItem
bool is_movable_
bool m_first_move
bool snap_to_grid_
QPointF m_mouse_to_origin_movement
QET::GraphicsItemState m_state = QET:: GIOK

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SlaveElement()

SlaveElement::SlaveElement ( const ElementsLocation location,
QGraphicsItem *  qgi = nullptr,
int *  state = nullptr 

SlaveElement::SlaveElement Default constructor.

locationlocation of xml definition
qgiparent QGraphicItem
stateint used to know if the creation of element have error

◆ ~SlaveElement()

SlaveElement::~SlaveElement ( )

SlaveElement::~SlaveElement default destructor.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ linkToElement()

void SlaveElement::linkToElement ( Element elmt)

SlaveElement::linkToElement Link this slave to another element For this class element must be a master.


Reimplemented from Element.

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◆ unlinkAllElements()

void SlaveElement::unlinkAllElements ( )

SlaveElement::unlinkAllElements Unlink all of the element in the QList connected_elements.

Reimplemented from Element.

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◆ unlinkElement()

void SlaveElement::unlinkElement ( Element elmt)

SlaveElement::unlinkElement Unlink the given elmt in parametre.


Reimplemented from Element.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ m_xref_item

QGraphicsTextItem* SlaveElement::m_xref_item

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