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assignvariables.h File Reference
#include <QString>
#include <QPointF>
#include <QStringList>
#include "numerotationcontext.h"
#include "diagramcontext.h"
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class  autonum::sequentialNumbers
class  autonum::AssignVariables
 The AssignVariables class This class assign variable of a formula string. Return the final string used to be displayed from a formula string. More...




void autonum::setSequentialToList (QStringList &list, NumerotationContext &context, const QString &type)
 setSequentialToList Append all sequential of type type owned by context in list More...
void autonum::setFolioSequentialToHash (QStringList &list, QHash< QString, QStringList > &hash, const QString &autoNumName)
 setFolioSequentialToHash Insert all value of list in hash with key autoNumName More...
void autonum::setSequential (const QString &label, sequentialNumbers &seqStruct, NumerotationContext &context, Diagram *diagram, const QString &hashKey)
 setSequential Fill seqStruct More...
QString autonum::numerotationContextToFormula (const NumerotationContext &nc)
 numerotationContextToFormula More...
QString autonum::elementPrefixForLocation (const ElementsLocation &location)
 elementPrefixForLocation More...